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Omnitronic DXO-26E – successful debut

March 31st, 2011 Posted in News, OMNITRONIC, Product news Tags: , , , , ,

Although the conditions were slightly unequal: the PA-controller Omnitronic DXO-26E stood its ground in the test of German magazine “tools4music”. Some of the competitors have been far more expensive, but the Omnitronic controller “Made in Germany” could, surprisingly, convince with positive measurement values.

Testers Christian Boche and Stefan Kosmalla were astonished by the good test results of this inexpensive audio controller. They gave it a positive ranking as they could not find a weak point in the measurements. Read more »

KLS – even better now

March 21st, 2011 Posted in EUROLITE, Product news Tags: , , , ,

Eurolite LED KLS-1001

They have changed the world of mobile illumination – Eurolite’s compact light sets (KLS). Now, the series has been upgraded. With the KLS-1001 we can introduce the new best in the class. Just like the KLS-800 the system features tricolor LEDs. But with 12 instead of 7 the KLS-1001 has more TCLs to offer – 48 in total. The new versions of the KLS series are marked with a 1 as last cypher (KLS-1001/801/401). They symbolize additional IEC outputs attached to the bar. Each KLS has four of them which can be used for the power supply of further spots.

Eurolite LED KLS-1001 Eurolite LED KLS-1001

Noble Leichtsin-cachepots now available!

March 1st, 2011 Posted in EUROPALMS Tags: ,

Europalms LeichtsinSince their presentation at trade shows and at customer shops, everyone has waited impatiently for the shipment of the new cachepots. Now they have arrived.

With high-gloss finish and a solid workmanship they are a highlight for every interior design: Now you can fall back on a large variety of forms, colors and sizes. And thus you are able to perfectly present your real or artificial plants.

As the name “Leichtsin” (Leicht = light) suggests: The cachepots are very light – still they have a noble ceramic look and are unbreakable and robust.

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