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Event rigging: legal background

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At live events or trade shows aluminum crossbars and trussings are as indispensable as spots or power cables. What many users don ́t know is, there are a lot of guidelines for handling truss systems which have to be regarded. Only an excellent quality and the right handling can ensure a clear conscience and your safety. Below is a little guideline.

Truss systems are defined as mechanical beams which are used for stabilization, fixing and connection. At exhibitions, shows and similar it is commonly used for mounting spots or speakers to it. So far so good. If you think you know the facts and how an aluminum truss system has to be handled by having read that quick explanation, you are on the wrong track. To install truss systems you need both an excellent quality and the correct handling. Read more »

Behind the scenes: The man behind the videos

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Unser Videostudio

Today we‘ll have a look behind the scenes of our video production – in the end shooting a video clip means more than just pressing play, it’s a pile of work in fact. So, who is the man behind the video, where do the films come to existence, and what has to happen before you can actually watch the videos on our channels?


The man behind all of our videos is Mittsch. Even before the products are available at our shop, he gets a sample of it. At first he tries the different settings to see if the product works properly. To get a realistic impression of the operation mode, he installs the respective product in our video studio. In doing so, he attempts to create a surrounding which is at least a bit typical to real venues. Light products for example are mounted to a trussing with a height of two meters.

When everything is in its place, the product’s big moment has come:


Mittsch captures the best images with his camera to show you all the details as fine as possible: What are the main features of the product, what is really specific about it? What is the effect within the room? Are there any special controllers, switches or displays? Mittsch changes positions and perspectives in order to show you every detail in the video. Sometimes it takes up to 45 minutes until he gets the perfect take.

Mittsch am PC

With the raw video file, Mittsch gets back to the office. He starts to cut the best sequences on his computer. After cutting the film, he adds music to it, which he composes on his own. Now the little, last steps: Some effects and explaining text inserts and the video is completed. When everything is checked and Mittsch is satisfied with his work, he starts the rendering.

For a video of two or three minutes in length, Mittsch works up to four hours. But that isn’t yet all of the work: At the end, he uploads the clips to our homepage and to the video platforms like youtube and He then adds tags and some short informational texts to explain the product shown in the video. So, when you are watching product video in the future, maybe you’ll think of him. Mittsch, the man behind the videos.

Are you curious now? Do you want to get more information about the people behind the scenes? Do you want to know more about the faces behind the name Steinigke? Then leave us your comments here, we’re happy to hear from you!