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LSD curtains in the Airport in Würzburg

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The airport nightclub in Würzburg, Bavaria, is one of Germany’s leading house and techno clubs. It has been and still is home to many international top acts. Whether it is Sven Väth, Paul van Dyk, DJ Rush, Monika Kruse, Chris Liebing or Westbam; they all have rocked both turntables and entertained the masses.

Now, the airport, which had its own truck at the Love Parade for years, set a new standard and decided to install LSD curtains. “We wanted to try something new, something, that other clubs don’t have,” reckons the owner Rudi Schmidt. As the LED Soft Displays offer great flexibility, a very low own weight and brilliant colors, they are an innovation in the field of lighting technology: they are suitable for a wide range of applications and can show videos, graphic applications as well as backdrops. Only recently, the Eurolite LSD-100 curtain was crowned the winner in the category “Light tool of the year“ by German magazine Soundcheck.

The 14 curtains have been installed by Ape Laps Lichtprodukte from Würzburg. CEO Julius Schrenk assembled in total ten Eurolite LSD-75, four LSD-50 and six LSD AIO Network control systems in the airport and in the adjacent premises of “Soundpark Ost”. The curtains are primarily used as backdrops or ceiling lighting.

The airport opened its doors in 1983 in an old warehouse. Back in those days, the interior design space was the one of an airport terminal, hence the name to the club. The crowd at the time was trendy, ties and champagne were an obligation and many so called “pop icons” of the 80s, like Kool & the Gang, Sister Sledge, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Santana or Def Leppard, had their appearance at the airport after having played a show in the city.

In the following years, the airport turned from an elitist into a favorite student venue. Furthermore, they opened within the site the “Rockpalast” area (today “Soundpark Ost”) offering there an alternative music program. There was another turning point in the club’s history when techno music became popular. The new electronic music dominated the dance floors and the airport soon became Mecca for ravers all over Germany and beyond. After a short renovation phase, the club was reanimated by Rudi Schmidt, who re-opened a completely new designed airport. Techno had become music for the masses and the expanded venue offered plenty of space.

Today the airport offers various party activities such as dance classics or student events, while the Friday nights are dedicated to house music. Highlights of the club are still its highly successful techno events with superstar guests like Westbam, Carl Cox and others.

PSSO introduces Compact Speaker Array

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Based on the Compact Line Array (CLA) PSSO now introduces the Compact Speaker Array (CSA/CSK) which is suitable both for permanent installations and mobile use thanks to various versions and extensive accessories.

The powerful CSA high-mid speaker units feature a horn tweeter with 3.5 cm driver and, depending on the model, one or two 20 cm woofers (CSA-218 or CSA-228 respectively). The tweeter of the smaller version, the CSA-218, ensures a horizontal and vertical dispersion angle of 90°. Thus the CSA-218 can be used standing or lying without having to make compromises in terms of sound or directivity. The larger version, the CSA-228, is designed for upright use and has a dispersion angle of 90° x 40°. Both versions are available with black and white high-quality plastic cabinets and come with speaker flanges. If necessary, an optional U-bracket can be refitted which mounts to a stand kit for monitor applications.

The CSK series brings even finer resolution of the high frequency range and an amazing level stability. The distinguishing feature compared to the CSA series are the tweeters. The CSK speakers are not equipped with a single horn tweeter but, depending on the number of woofers, with one or two 2.5 cm dome tweeters. This tweeter makes an even wider dispersion angle possible. The CSK-218 with one woofer and one tweeter has a dispersion angle of 120° x 120°, whereas the version with two woofers and two tweeters offers 120° x 60°. All models feature a stable U-bracket. A stand flange as with the CSA models can be refitted.

Optional wall brackets allow to mount the mid-high speaker units PSSO CSA and CSK vertically or horizontally. For very large rooms, a hexagonal flying bracket that holds six speakers is possible.

For extending the low frequency range, two matching subwoofers are available. The CSA-112 is a 30 cm woofer with dual voice coil in a bass reflex cabinet. It perfectly compliments the CSK models and is also equipped with terminal connectors. Moreover, a passive crossover is integrated for operating the corresponding tops.

The larger CSA-115 with 38 cm woofer in a bandpass enclosure disposes of speaker connectors and a flange for mounting a top speaker of the CSA series. The subwoofer must be separately controlled via a speaker controller or an active crossover. The controller PSSO DXO-48 is ideally suited for this task.

PSSO CSA-228B top, black

PSSO CSA-228W Top, white

PSSO CSA-218B Top, black

PSSO CSA-218W Top, white

PSSO CSK-228B Top, black

PSSO CSK-228W Top, white

PSSO CSK-218B Top, black

PSSO CSK-218W Top, white

Steinigke at DJ-Meeting in Bochum

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On Wednesday, May 19, the DJ scene meets for the annual trade show: DJMeeting. It goes without saying, that Steinigke will also be present with a stand in Bochum, Germany.

For the 21st run of the most important national trade show, the organizers have come back to their roots. And these can be found at the former tarm Center in Bochum, now known as discotheque Fridays. Here, many DJs, labels and exhibitors are meeting, to present their work, to inform about new products and to maintain and cultivate contacts. Steinigke presents new products outdoors in the exhibition tent. Beside exhibitors, the organizers also put focus on a huge live program with infotalks, workshops and really hot DJ acts. It’s worth a visit!

In the center of Steinigke’s appearance are new and established DJ products from Omnitronic. The midi controller TMC-2, the DJ station XET-2800, the card player SDP-3, the turntable DD-5250, the controller MMC-1, the double CD player XDP-2800, the mp3 player and audiomixer MMP-1, the digital effekt mixer EX-820, the active system AS-360, the headphone SHP-200 MK2 and many more.

Pictures from last year:

More pictures on Facebook.

Practical LED bar offers diverse creative possibilities

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With the LED Bar RGB 126/10 Eurolite presents a device with small dimensions but great potential. Because the alleged missing size doesn’t prevent it from a powerful performance. It’s available from now on.

Small bar with a big heart!
Its dimensions are manageable, its weight almost not worth mentioning and its brightness more than convincing: The LED Bar RGB from Eurolite. Due to its 126 LEDs, each with a diameter of 10mm, the bar can play a surprisingly dominant role. They diodes operate best when used as audience lighting. By doing so, the strobe effect and the color-fading are the most impressive features. The LEDs are sound controlled via microphone, that way they can adjust to the music easily. The LED bar RGB 252/10 is ideal for bands, stages and for solo entertainers. But it should not be denied, that using the bar as deco element is advisable as well. Especially its size paves the way for many different applications.

Fame – Your Club in Rottweil

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Fascinating nightlife can only be experienced in metropolises or major cities – that is not correct. Outside of Berlin, Hamburg or Munich there are spectacular opportunities to celebrate till the break of dawn. Care for an example? No problem. Let us take a trip to the beautiful province Baden-Württemberg. We are passing Stuttgart heading southwards, towards Lake Constance. At the halfway point, near Villingen-Schwenningen, we stop in Rottweil.

Rottweil is the oldest city in the province. It counts 25,000 inhabitants, 220 associations and a very special discotheque. The latter bears the name “fame” and is probably the most modern disco complex in southern Germany. 1500 square meters with four different areas should offer fair possibilities to turn night into day. And that is exactly what more than thousand people are doing every weekend. The “fame’s” popularity originates not only from its size or its lovely hometown. The answer lies in the mixture of good music and an extraordinary illumination.

It has been the Designgroup Professional GmbH from Böhlen near Leipzig who has taken care of the illumination. They are experts in equipping discotheques and stand out due to their modern design as well as the use of cutting-edge technology. Three years ago, the club owner asked Designgroup to help them. As soon as possible the former construction market should be rebuilt. Everybody involved was hard at work to bequeath a very special club to Rottweil. And after only six months they succeeded.

Since then, night owls can chose between four areas: fame lounge, fame disco, fame club and fame outdoor area. Highlights are numerous in this stylish and fashionable amusement park. An illuminated waterfall behind a bar, thousands of LEDs in the dancefloor and several, perfectly coordinated light effects around the DJ booth and the dancefloor. Only high-quality material has been installed. We are very proud that many Steinigke products were taken into consideration.

Designgroup is a longtime partner of Steinigke. For the “fame’s” interior light design, they decided to use many of our LED products. No wonder, as diodes dominate the scenery. The following light products can be found in Rottweil:

Eurolite LED WMS-8 RGB-Spots, dimmable Eurolite LED-Tubes 144, Eurolite LED RGB PAR 38 spots, Eurolite LED-floods RGB IP65 for outdoors and meters of the RL-1 Rubberlight.

But there is more to it than that. To install the lights high above the dancefloor, several truss circles from Alutruss have been mounted. As the club’s dimensions are quite huge circles with a diameter of up to 6 meters were necessary.

The interaction of technology, music and design offers unequaled opportunities. So everybody – along to the club’s slogan – can “experience a world of colors, first-class sound and party”. This might sound very ambitious, but it is definitely not immoderate. Just visit this world and find it out yourself.

Here you can find the homepage of Fame.

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