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Digital loudspeaker management

Lautsprecher Management

Digital loudspeaker controllers are the heart of every modern PA-system. Controllers assign the matching signal to every speaker, balance inconsistencies in the frequency range and protect the system from overload.

Loudspeaker controllers normally consist of these three important components:

– the hardware including the connectors and interfaces, the transducers, the operating elements and the housing.

– the firmware includes algorithms for signal processing, i.e. equalizers, crossovers, limiters and delays.

– the software providing a graphical surface on the user’s computer for adjusting all controller functions and settings and manage complete setups. Read more »

Criticism can help!

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Steinigke Cases

Development in the field of cases is not as fast as in other areas. But we can change things together…

For cases, technical changes don’t come this fast as within the fields of light or audio. That is why our ears are always open for any ideas for improvements – as they have been so far. We want to show you some examples how we implement your ideas. By the way, improvements do not have to be followed by price rise – we keep an eye on that.

So, how do developments in collaboration with our customers work? Once there had been a customer who said he would prefer different wood than MDF. We analyzed for what kind of cases this was possible and what quality benefits customers could expect. Finally we have been able to change the MDF to multilayered plywood without raising the prices.

Recently, some customers have advised us that our butterfly locks frayed quite quickly. We proofed whether this was true, we found a failure in the phase of design and we fixed the problem. All new cases have been equipped with the improved locks.

We are glad when you share your individual experiences with us. With this additional input we can work out the best for all. Do you have any remarks or ideas? Just let us know and please write to our specialist Erwin Jenuwein ( We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

Arttank – Eurolite enlightens Berlin

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Arttank Berlin

Our LED bars can be used in very different ways. But today, we can show you an application which is quite unique and which shows virtually artificial dimensions.

Art claims, among other things, to surprise and to employ objects which seem to have no artistic value. A perfect example is the company Meisterwerke from Dresden with its ARTTANK system. The idea: to form huge colored surfaces with common plastic ballast or liquid storage tanks having a capacity of 1,000 liters. To get the color into the tanks, Meisterwerke came up with a simple but effective solution. The tanks are illuminated with LED floodlights. The color of the whole installation can then be controlled by DMX. For the realization, the company from Dresden chose Eurolite. To be more precise, the Eurolite LED PIX-24 RGB which is equipped with 24 three watt LEDs. The LEDS are separated into eight segments with three LEDs ( RGB ) each and can be controlled individually.

Eurolite LED PIX-24 RGB 24x3W Leiste 51930215d Read more »

It can be so easy controlling spots via DMX

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Eurolite DMX LED Operator IR2DMX Banner

Everything you need is a remote control and a little black box. Ok, let’s talk about details: the remote is the Eurolite IR-control for LED effects, the black box is our new Eurolite DMX LED Operator IR2DMX. What is special about this combination? You can connect your DMX chain to the operator and control it comfortably and easily via the infrared remote (the operator is equipped with a infrared receiver). Read more »