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PSSO Compact Line Array explaining the included controller preset

August 12th, 2011 Posted in PSSO, worth knowing Tags: ,

The preset we provide for the PSSO Compact Line Array is based on the last years’ experience and should help to find the perfect settings for your application.

For this setup, we use the following components:

8x PSSO CLA-228 at PSSO HP-1400 (Hi) and HP-2400 (Mid)

2x PSSO CLA-115 at PSSO HP-2400

4x PSSO CLA-118 at PSSO HP-3200

2x PSSO SUB-2180 at PSSO HP-3200

The gains of all power amplifiers are set to maximum.

Settings overview: Read more »

PSSO Compact Line Array – the simulation software

July 28th, 2011 Posted in PSSO, Videos, worth knowing Tags: , , , , ,


In order to facilitate the use of the Compact Line Array, PSSO presents a simulation software for the users. This software is based on the Engine of RAY-END (former GPA). We would like to introduce this software to you with a little introduction and five short tutorial videos.

If you have not dealt with Line Arrays in general, we recommend to read the article „The line array in theory and practice“ explaining the basics of line array technology and the PSSO Compact Line Array.

The simulation software is very intuitive and only presents those functions really needed in sound engineering. Read more »

On the Road with PSSO’s Compact Line Array

June 6th, 2011 Posted in PSSO, References Tags: , , ,

PSSO - S.Oliver

When we started to focus on the PSSO CLA at the end of 2007, we thought its primary application are sports halls and other public buildings or venues. Consequently, the first locations where the CLA was installed during and shortly after its development stage were sports halls in the vicinity of Würzburg. The CLA was intended to serve as fixed PA system at these locations and if necessary, could be complemented or replaced by a mobile PA system. Hence, our main focus was on vocal transmission and canned music. Initially, we did not urge the use in the rental sector for live shows. Read more »

PSSO CLA Compact Line Array – Great price, great sound

May 25th, 2011 Posted in PSSO Tags: , ,

PSSO CLA Compact Line Array

When it comes to an investment of a line array, although our CLA is far cheaper in comparison to others: testing the system is essential. Due to this you always have the option to hire the CLA and to test it at some event of yours.

If you like to find out more about our line array we recommend to visit the CLA’s homepage. At you can have a closer look at the different configurations and the components. Also worth a look, the brand’s page:

After testing comes waiting – not here at Steinigke! We permanently store all components for you to receive your orders as fast as possible.

Check the PSSO Line Array on site

September 23rd, 2010 Posted in General, PSSO Tags: , ,

You would like to listen to the PSSO Line Array? Now, you’ve got he opportunity. On Monday, September 27 and on Tuesday, September 28 the CLA is installed at our headquarters in Waldbüttelbrunn.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating – a saying which is also true for audio systems. That’s why we are offering you the possibility to carefully survey our special version. Just come to Waldbüttelbrunn and get a live impression of the Compact Line Array (CLA).
Just contact Markus Fromm (e-mail: / phone: 0049-931-4061-638) and make an appointment.

You can see and here the same setup like at the Independence Day.

8 pcs. PSSO CLA-118 LINE ARRAY Floor-Subwoofer

4 pcs. PSSO CLA-115 LINE ARRAY Subwoofer

16 pcs. PSSO CLA-228 LINE ARRAY Tops

2 pcs. PSSO HP-1400 Endstufe, 2×700W/4Ohm

3 pcs. PSSO HP-2400 Endstufe, 2×1200W/4Ohm

2 pcs. PSSO HP-3200 Endstufe, 2×1600W/4Ohm

1 pcs. PSSO DXO-48 digitaler Systemcontroller