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Twitter on LSD

July 5th, 2011 Posted in EUROLITE Tags: , , , , ,

Twitter on LSD

Music festival meets web 2.0 – with a live stream of a very special kind. During the 24. UMSONST & DRAUSSEN (U&D) festival in Würzburg the more than 80,000 visitors were not only entertained by music and cultural program: from June 23 to 26 a Twitter wall on the main stage offered additional distraction – a total success.

Internet users had the possibility to post their messages via the festival’s Twitter page. And they really seized the chance – several hundred entries over the four days of the festival. “The whole web community in Würzburg only had one thing to talk about: the Twitter wall of the U&D”, explained Tilman Hampl, press spokesman of U&D. The short messages were transmitted in real time and in different colors – the latter to enable a better readability and to create a nice light effect in passing. Read more »

Save money with Eurolite LSD ECO versions

May 30th, 2011 Posted in EUROLITE, Product news Tags: , , ,

Eurolite LSD ECO curtains

They are still flexible and very versatile; but now they are also considerably cheaper: the LSD curtains in the new ECO version.

What does ECO mean?

Similar to other fields ECO stands for economy. In our case you can save costs explicitly. This is due to the LED used, as they are not as powerful as the ones from the common LSDs. Surely, the result is a lower power consumption, but much more important: less production costs. They are by far not as expensive thus we can offer the ECO LSD curtains substantially   cheaper. Read more »

LSD curtains in the Airport in Würzburg

May 31st, 2010 Posted in EUROLITE, References Tags: , ,

The airport nightclub in Würzburg, Bavaria, is one of Germany’s leading house and techno clubs. It has been and still is home to many international top acts. Whether it is Sven Väth, Paul van Dyk, DJ Rush, Monika Kruse, Chris Liebing or Westbam; they all have rocked both turntables and entertained the masses.

Now, the airport, which had its own truck at the Love Parade for years, set a new standard and decided to install LSD curtains. “We wanted to try something new, something, that other clubs don’t have,” reckons the owner Rudi Schmidt. As the LED Soft Displays offer great flexibility, a very low own weight and brilliant colors, they are an innovation in the field of lighting technology: they are suitable for a wide range of applications and can show videos, graphic applications as well as backdrops. Only recently, the Eurolite LSD-100 curtain was crowned the winner in the category “Light tool of the year“ by German magazine Soundcheck.

The 14 curtains have been installed by Ape Laps Lichtprodukte from Würzburg. CEO Julius Schrenk assembled in total ten Eurolite LSD-75, four LSD-50 and six LSD AIO Network control systems in the airport and in the adjacent premises of “Soundpark Ost”. The curtains are primarily used as backdrops or ceiling lighting.

The airport opened its doors in 1983 in an old warehouse. Back in those days, the interior design space was the one of an airport terminal, hence the name to the club. The crowd at the time was trendy, ties and champagne were an obligation and many so called “pop icons” of the 80s, like Kool & the Gang, Sister Sledge, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Santana or Def Leppard, had their appearance at the airport after having played a show in the city.

In the following years, the airport turned from an elitist into a favorite student venue. Furthermore, they opened within the site the “Rockpalast” area (today “Soundpark Ost”) offering there an alternative music program. There was another turning point in the club’s history when techno music became popular. The new electronic music dominated the dance floors and the airport soon became Mecca for ravers all over Germany and beyond. After a short renovation phase, the club was reanimated by Rudi Schmidt, who re-opened a completely new designed airport. Techno had become music for the masses and the expanded venue offered plenty of space.

Today the airport offers various party activities such as dance classics or student events, while the Friday nights are dedicated to house music. Highlights of the club are still its highly successful techno events with superstar guests like Westbam, Carl Cox and others.

Most popular products at the prolight + sound

Before prolight+sound we were wondering, which products would draw the attention. Now, after a successfull show, we know it. Here are the top ten products of the prolight+sound 2010:

1. Eurolite LSD in conjunction with MADRIX-Steuersoftware

2. Futurelight EYE-60

3. Omnitronic XMP-2800

4. Eurolite LED TMH-3/4/5

5. Omnitronic IEM-500

6. Futurelight DMH-1

7. Omnitronic TMC-1

8. Eurolite LED MAT-Bar 64

9. Futurelight EYE-54

10. Eurolite LED Bar-PIX-45

In addition, was also a complete range targeted by the visitors. Our PSSO Compact Line Array.

Press release: Eurolite’s LSD-100 is ‘light tool of the year’

April 1st, 2010 Posted in EUROLITE, Press releases Tags: , ,

The LSD-100 from Eurolite was the winner of the category ‘light tool of the year’ at the PPVMedia Readers’ Awards. The ceremony took place in the course of the Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

Thilo Kramny, managing director of PPV, pointed out, that this prize was an important affirmation for the manufacturers, as it was awarded by the readers – customers in the end. ‘It’s an innovation award which illustrates whether the products go down well with the end users or not’, Kramny explains at the ceremony.

This is why everybody at Eurolite is particularly pleased about the award. It is a confirmation of the product’s concept. After all, the LSD curtains can definitely be called innovative – due to their combination of high flexibility, low weight and brilliant colors. Moreover, they are available in six different pixel pitches (from 100 mm to 20 mm) and in custom-made versions. Via buttons and hook-and-loop fasteners several curtains can easily be connected to form one big surface.

A standard laptop with 1 Gbps network card and the optionally available AIO network control system is everything you need for controlling the curtains. The latter consists of a network interface and the LED Show T9 software. So, the control does not demand a huge effort. A real benefit especially for mobile use. Compatibility to other media software programs, such as MADRIX, is given as well. Moreover, by means of Sending and Receiving card you can operate the curtains via DVI. Quite important when you decide to work with video processors and pictures of live cams.