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Criticism can help!

June 22nd, 2011 Posted in General Tags: , , ,

Steinigke Cases

Development in the field of cases is not as fast as in other areas. But we can change things together…

For cases, technical changes don’t come this fast as within the fields of light or audio. That is why our ears are always open for any ideas for improvements – as they have been so far. We want to show you some examples how we implement your ideas. By the way, improvements do not have to be followed by price rise – we keep an eye on that.

So, how do developments in collaboration with our customers work? Once there had been a customer who said he would prefer different wood than MDF. We analyzed for what kind of cases this was possible and what quality benefits customers could expect. Finally we have been able to change the MDF to multilayered plywood without raising the prices.

Recently, some customers have advised us that our butterfly locks frayed quite quickly. We proofed whether this was true, we found a failure in the phase of design and we fixed the problem. All new cases have been equipped with the improved locks.

We are glad when you share your individual experiences with us. With this additional input we can work out the best for all. Do you have any remarks or ideas? Just let us know and please write to our specialist Erwin Jenuwein ( We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.