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Thank you for your visit at prolight+sound

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Steinigke at prolight+sound

When prolight+sound closed on Saturday evening one thing became immediately obvious: the trade show has been a full success for Steinigke. One reason for this were the many visitors of course. Thank you very much for your great interest in our booth and our products.

The numerous LED video systems were in the center of the visitors spotlight this year. Not really astonishing as Steinigke could present a multitude of novelties in this section: Like the very flat and lightweight DF-40 from Eurolite or the Futurelight SVS, SVP or the Pixel Mesh Outdoor. It’s helpful for our customers to choose out of a great variety this is what has come out of the several conversations. Read more »

Steinigke Showtechnic treads new online paths

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Steinigke Shop

New design, new navigation, improved search function: The presentation of Steinigke’s redesigned online platform which has been presented at prolight+sound on April 7th is a benefit for all future visitors.

Managing Director Bernd Steinigke called it another important step to the future. The guests at the booth in Frankfurt applauded – the successful change of the shop system was celebrated. For good reason, since this ambitious project has required a bunch of commitment of all involved in the last 8 months.

The project had two main aims. On the one hand, the usability for users should be significantly improved. Through a horizontal layout of the navigation section, the extensive product description, the small number of paging and the simplified search function including an auto suggest function the usability has been optimized. Read more »

Visit us at the Prolight+Sound 2011

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Steinigke Messestand

Don’t forget: prolight+sound will begin in 5 days. We sincerely invite you to pay us a visit. You can find us in hall 11.0, in hallway A, stand 11 and 05 – just like last year.

Some of the key products this year: our video wall systems – you can look forward to numerous novelties!

Some construction photos of our booth you can find here.

Moreover, we would like to invite you to conclude the days of the trade show at our stand. Everyday from 5:30 pm you can drop by and have a cocktail, some bits and relaxed conversations.

Ein kurzer Einblick

On Thursday evening it will be especially worthwhile to say hello. Because on this very day there will be an additional surprise. Something very interesting for you, where you can directly benefit from – but only on Thursday. Note down April 7 and visit our stand from 5:30 pm.
It’s worth it!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

History of the Eurolite PAR-can

PAR-canThe PAR-can has been sold for more than 50 years now. In the end of the 1950s, the famous spotlight housing was introduced in the United States. In the beginning, the housing was made of heavy steel (partly with integrated cooling elements) until the material aluminium became dominant. PAR stands for parabolic aluminized reflector and refers to the lamp which mostly includes the reflector. The well-known sizes PAR-64 and PAR-56 also come from the US describing the housing diameter in eighth inches. Thus, a PAR-64 has a diameter of 8 inches corresponding with approximately 20 cm. Meanwhile, the Eurolite PAR-cans also have an exciting history of 30 years:

Steinigke 19791979 Founded by Bernd and Klaus Steinigke, Steinigke Showtechnic is a synonym for quality, innovation and an excellent price-performance ratio in the show technic branch since more than 30 years.

The original retailer for light and sound technology developed to a multinational enterprise, which today serves every show technic branch with more than 7,000 articles. Over the years, Steinigke Showtechnic consequently extended its offer and service, providing globally for great variety and quality with strong brands.

One of the first products was the classic PAR-64 spot or “the PAR-can”. ?

Steinigke 19881988 The first imports come from Italy, Spain and Great Britain. European products of the sevent technology branch are now exclusively sold by the one-man business Bernd Steinigke Light & Sound, and represent a large part of the assortment. In the course of expansion the service, purchasing and public relations department is set up.

The conventional PAR-can of that time was made in Italy and sold throughout the whole of Western Europe. The oldest EUROLITE PAR-can was always delivered without power plug. In the 1980s and 1990s PAR-can weremostly directly connected with the mains and did not need a plug.

Steinigke 19901990 For the first time, imports come from Asia.

Another premiere: the first appearance at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH was one of the first in the entertainment sector who directly went to South East Asia in order to produce PAR-cans in Taiwan and later in China.

Steinigke developed the PAR-64 Profi Spot with one of the leading manufacturer of event technology in South East Asia. Approximately 10 quality standards were defined in order to make the classic PAR-can a Profi Spot and to make a difference to cheap products. Profi means highly polished aluminium housing with burdeling at the front, longer cable and better hardware. The designation was PAR-64 Profi Spot because EUROLITE as a brandname was not available at that time.

Steinigke 19911991 With EUROLITE and ALUTRUSS the first captive brands are presented and successfully launched.

The PAR-can is made a EUROLITE product although the product description does not start with EUROLITE but rather PAR-64 Spot. EUROLITE brought the challenge to offer products at a reasonable price and that everybody could use them. This led to a change in the technical definition of the PAR-can. From now on, an additional version with safety plug was integrated in the product range. “Plug & play” now sounded somewhat different because for the first time, starters without electrotechnical exam could install spots and lighting effects. This was ground breaking for the consumer market we know today.

2001 For almost 40 years, the classic PAR-can housing was the industry standard. From the new millenium, the classic PAR-can must give way to LED spots or moving heads.

Steinigke Steinigke Steinigke

2011 In the course of unifying the product designations, the following changes will be carried out until the Prolight+Sound 2011:

The designation PAR-64 Spot will be changed in EUROLITE PAR-64.

The PAR-64 Profi Spot will be changed in EUROLITE PAR-64 Long: parcan with a long tube made of aluminium for a PAR-64 lamp with GX16d base.

The PAR-64 Profi Spot short will be changed in EUROLITE PAR-64 Short: parcan with a short tube made of aluminium for a PAR-64 lamp with GX16d base.

The PAR-64 Profi Floorspot will be changed in EUROLITE PAR-64 Floor: parcan with a short tube made of aluminium for a

PAR-64 lamp with GX16d base. The mounting bracket is 2-fold so that the spot can also be placed on the floor.

PAR-64 Lite Spot: parcan with a tube made of sheet steel for a PAR-64 lamp with GX16d base.

T-56 Pinspot: spotlight with a short tube made of sheet steel for a PAR-56 lamp with G53 base.

T-36 Pinspot: spotlight with a short tube made of sheet steel for a PAR-36 lamp with G53 base.

The PAR-64 and PAR-56 spots with long tube come in three different versions (without plug, ready for connection with safety plug, with PAR-safe). Additionally, these spots are available in complete sets with lamp and color foils.

The first LED PAR spots were built with the classic tube shape known from the conventional PAR-can. These do without color filter holder which makes the LED PAR-spot slimmer and lighter. Whoever wants to have all features including color filter frames, barndoors etc. can buy the LED ML-spots. Very recently, LED spots are available in an extremely slim housing – the SLS-series.

Nevertheless, the classic PAR-can remains a classic which can be found on almost every stage in the world – no matter if with LED or without.

Overview conventional EUROLITE parcans

EUROLITE PAR-64 Short silver No. 42101092
EUROLITE PAR-64 Short black
No. 42101072
EUROLITE PAR-64 Long with plug silver No. 42100952
EUROLITE PAR-64 Long with plug black
No. 42100963
EUROLITE PAR-64 Long with PAR-Safe silver No. 42100970
EUROLITE PAR-64 Long with PAR-Safe black No. 42100972
EUROLITE PAR-64 Long with cable silver No. 42100950
EUROLITE PAR-64 Long with cable black No. 42100960
EUROLITE PAR-64 Long Set silver No. 42101000
EUROLITE PAR-64 Long Set black No. 42101001
EUROLITE PAR-64 Floor silver No. 42101410
EUROLITE PAR-64 Floor black No. 42101310
EUROLITE PAR-56 Short with plug silver No. 42000812
EUROLITE PAR-56 Short with plug black No. 42000802
EUROLITE PAR-56 Short with cable silver No. 42000810
EUROLITE PAR-56 Short with cable black No. 42000800
EUROLITE PAR-56 Short Set silver No. 42000826
EUROLITE PAR-56 Short Set black No. 42000825
EUROLITE PAR-56 Long with plug silver No. 42000552
EUROLITE PAR-56 Long with plug black No. 42000582
EUROLITE PAR-56 Long with PAR-Safe silver No. 42000600
EUROLITE PAR-56 Long with PAR-Safe black No. 42000602
EUROLITE PAR-56 Long with cable silver No. 42000550
EUROLITE PAR-56 Long with cable black No. 42000580
EUROLITE PAR-56 Long Set silver No. 42000760
EUROLITE PAR-56 Long Set black No. 42000761
EUROLITE PAR-56 Floor silver No. 42001005
EUROLITE PAR-56 Floor black No. 42001003
EUROLITE PAR-56 Lite Spot No. 42000410
EUROLITE PAR-56 Lite Spot Set No. 42000420
EUROLITE PAR-56 CDM150 silver No. 42000910
EUROLITE PAR-56 CDM150 black No. 42000920
EUROLITE PAR-46 Spot silver No. 41930100
EUROLITE PAR-46 Spot black No. 41930200
EUROLITE PAR-38 Spot silver No. 41929100
EUROLITE PAR-38 Spot black No. 41929130
EUROLITE PAR-36 Short silver No. 42103400
EUROLITE PAR-36 Short black No. 42103300
EUROLITE PAR-36 Long silver No. 42103200
EUROLITE PAR-36 Long black No. 42103100
EUROLITE PAR-30 Spot silver No. 42103522
EUROLITE PAR-30 Spot black No. 42103520
EUROLITE PAR-20 Spot silver No. 42103582
EUROLITE PAR-20 Spot black No. 42103580
EUROLITE PAR-16 Spot MR-16 white No. 50850300
EUROLITE PAR-16 Spot MR-16 silver No. 50850100
EUROLITE PAR-16 Spot MR-16 black
No. 50850200
EUROLITE PAR-16 Spot GU-10 white No. 50850352
EUROLITE PAR-16 Spot GU-10 silver No. 50850340
EUROLITE PAR-16 Spot GU-10 black
No. 50850350
EUROLITE T-56 Pinspot No. 5080310A
EUROLITE T-36 Pinspot with plug, silver No. 50800410
EUROLITE T-36 Pinspot with plug, black No. 50800365
EUROLITE T-36 Pinspot with cable, silver No. 50800405
EUROLITE T-36 Pinspot with cable, black No. 50800360
EUROLITE E-36 pinspot black No. 50800363

prolight+sound 2011 in Frankfurt

Prolight+Sound 2011Soon, it’s that time again. The international showtechnic industry meets at the most important trade fair of the year. Note down this event and visit us in Frankfurt from April 6 to 9.

Like every year, it’s really worth to stop by. Many new products are waiting for you. You can look forward to an expansion of the KLS systems and the DJ controllers, to a huge choice of LED light effects with RGBAW, to new mixing amplifiers, … .

Pay us a visit and let yourself be surprised. To avoid needless waiting periods we recommend to make appointment with our staff in advance. If you like to meet somebody of the sales department please write to or contact your accountant manager.

You’ll find us, just like last year, in hall 11.0, hallway A, stand 11 and 05.

Prolight+Sound 2011Site plan prolight+sound 2011

The Facebook event site of the prolight+sound you can find here.