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Mind your head

April 18th, 2011 Posted in General, News Tags: ,


Don’t make compromises when it comes to installations – trust in safety bonds from Saveking with integrated drop damping.

No one wants to prefigure what might happen when heavy devices fall down from trussings for example. Especially when spots, moving heads or the like are hanging over peoples’ heads the imagination is even more painful. To counteract such scenarios producers worldwide sell safety bonds. And Steinigke can offer a very special one.

Because since the end of last year Steinigke sells safety bonds from Saveking. Thus we have established the possibility to do without compromise, as Saveking is used as synonym for safety throughout the industry.

Saveking safety bonds are mounted in Germany, they feature an inspection document of the German government safety organization, fulfill highest safety standards and have a integrated drop damping. Due to the additional noose the bond absorbs occurring impulses in a better way than common versions do.

Steinigke’s assortment offers black and silver bonds with a diameter of 3, 4 or 5 mm and a length of 60 or 100 cm. The bonds carry loads up to 60 kg. So, just do it like the pros and, when it comes to safety aspects, trust in Saveking.

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