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A Jill for every Jack

August 29th, 2011 Posted in DIMAVERY, EUROLITE, FUTURELIGHT, OMNITRONIC Tags: , ,


Transport cases are no luxury goods, they are an essential component – at least for everybody who doesn’t use the devices for permanent installation. Anyone who takes his loudspeaker systems, his spots or the like on tour, who rents them or uses them for diverse events appreciates a good transport case.

A good case offers the appropriate space for the respective devices. To find such a case is easier said than done, because many cases are not designed for the real dimensions of the devices. The aftermath: the devices slip, fall over and thus can be severely damaged.
To prevent scenes like that Steinigke offers plenty cases which have been especially designed for the respective device. You can find a selection below this text. If you are interested in all of our special cases, please get yourself an overview in the online shop.

– Turntable cases – CD player cases
– 10″ Mixer cases – 12″ Mixer cases
– 19″ Mixer cases – 27″ Mixer cases
– Racks with 19″ – Shock-proof ampracks
– Plastic racks – Combo cases
– Microphone cases – Special cases
– Cases for smoke-machines – LCD cases

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