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Eurolite smoke fluid – Made in Germany

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Eurolite Nebelfluid

Trust is important, but control is better of course – that’s why we examine our smoke fluids most rigorously (REACH Regulation).

There have to be reasons why a product has enjoyed the public confidence for more than two decades. There have to be reasons why in 20 years we have sold more than a million units of smoke fluid.


Fluid 1

Quality and reliability are the decisive components for success. Our customers know they get an absolute high class product with Eurolite fluids. To be high class, a product has to do more than just function – it also has to guarantee not to be harmful to health. This may sound a bit too dramatic, but the truth is: unclean liquids can gravely affect the respiratory system. Moreover, easily inflammable liquids can cause serious damages. Many provider do not care about this dangers.

At Steinigke however, we test our fluids stringently. And in addition, we let independent bodies continuously check the liquids. Therefore we can guarantee that our fluids are

  • water-based 
  • odorless non-toxic
  • not harmful to health 
  • readily biodegradable OECD 301E/EEC 84/449 C3
  • non-inflammable 

Everyone using our smoke fluids places his trust in us. We pay it back with rigid controls of these liquids – and both sides win.

Our different smoke fluids are made for different purposes: They vary in the denseness of the smoke and its durability. Depending on the desired effect, these characteristics are important.

The fog build by fluid B vanishes very quickly. That´s why it is perfectly suited for short smoke effects, for example. In a same sized room, smoke created by fluid C needs twice as long to vanish totally. The smoke fluid E provides a very dense smoke, which needs ten times as long (as B) to disappear.

Fluid 7


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  1. elmer c. hipolito says:

    regarding eurolite smoke fluid whats the P stands for ?
    I saw some eurolite fluids in our country the PHILIPPINES

  2. Hi,
    nice to hear that our fluids made their way to the Philippines! The “P” stands for Professional.

  3. I am hoping to procure a gallon or so of the eurolite smokefluid 9 if possible…]

    Many thanks…

    Doug Sanford
    6 McFee Street
    Belleville, Ontario

  4. Hi Doug,

    please contact for any inquiries. Thank you!

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