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Eurolite’s Pixel Panel awarded Light-Tool of the year

Eurolite Pxel Panel

Readers have decided: Eurolite’s LED Pixel Panel 16 DMX has been voted „Light-Tool of the year“ at the PPVMedia Reader Awards. The ceremony took place in the course of the Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

Awards like this have assumed an even greater importance, explained Thilo Kramny, managing director of PPV. Finally, the prizes were explicitly awarded by readers of the journals. The Eurolite team shares this view and thus is especially excited about the award and sees it as affirmation of the own product concept.

The Pixel Panel has already experienced affirmation for the successful idea and implementation before: in a test of the German journal Soundcheck in November 2010. Technical editor Andreas Zöllner had pointed out, that – thinking of the several options to combine and expand the effect – “this system is a true blockbuster and should be on every stage and in every club”.

With this system Eurolite indeed offers something special: a combination which unites thelatest technology, solid, elegant workmanship and a fair price. In contrast to widespread mesh systems the Pixel Panel presents an alternative. Eurolite deliberately opted for a fully covered housing available in black and white. Moreover, the most different installations can be realized. As DJ booth cover, as stage background, as pillars to welcome guests, as hanging dices and so on. And the result of every tri-color LED being controlled individually is a huge variety of effect options, in interaction with a software like MADRIX.

Eurolite LED Pixel Panel Eurolite LED Pixel Panel

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