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Slim spot now with tricolor LEDs part 2

February 1st, 2011 Posted in EUROLITE, News Tags: , , , , ,

Eurolite LED SLS-7x3 51915360EUROLITE LED SLS-7×3W TCL
The SLS-7×3W TCL is a spot from the legandary KLS-800 LED-bar which can be operated individually. It unites the sought-after slim housing shape with the popular tricolor LEDs – a very special spot which is available now.

The great advantage of the Slim Line Spots (SLS), compared to common parcans, lies in its space-saving character. With a height of 27 cm, a width of 24 cm and a depth of 11 cm not only transport is simplified. Flexibility of installation variations increases as well. One reason for this is the double bracket which enables a additional mounting as floor spot.

As the name already implies, the SLS is equipped with 7 tricolor LEDs. Offering a power of 3 watts each, they light up every stage more than sufficiently.

Eurolite LED SLS-7x3 51915360 Eurolite LED SLS-7x3 51915360