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EUROLITE LED Pixel Panel – Small panels – great effect!

August 26th, 2010 Posted in EUROLITE, Press releases, Videos Tags: , ,

Eurolite’s new Pixel Panel with tricolor LEDs makes its first appearance at this years PLASA in London.

A combination which is everything but common – Eurolite’s new Pixel Panel combines the latest technology, solid, elegant workmanship and a fair price. At London’s Plasa the chic, black light effect with tricolor LEDs makes if first appearance on the market.

Right at first glance one difference to many LED displays or walls becomes quite obvious. In contrast to widespread bar systems, where the LEDs are placed on small strips with emptiness in between, the Pixel Panel presents an alternative. Eurolite deliberately opted for a fully covered housing. The tricolor LEDs are fixed at little openings, only a few millimeters in size. In so doing, the light can exit unhindered and produce its full power. Thanks to the large black surface area, the panel is an eye-catcher, even without illumination.

The technical side is striking as well. Equipping a panel with 16 highly modern and powerful tricolor LEDs (SMD 5050) marks a premiere for Eurolite. The multichip technology, where the LEDs close ranks and light escapes through a collective lens, guarantees a homogeneous color mixture, even at short distances. The colors are concentrated and therefore seem to be more saturated. At the same time, the Tricolor LEDs do mix a pure white, impossible to create with conventional RGB LEDs.
As every LED can be controlled separately numerous configuration options arise. One panel occupies 48 DMX channels that is why a control software such as Madrix can be recommended.

Installation is really simple. When the plastic board is removed, the base can be screwed onto the respective surface.
The panels weigh 1.5 kg, measure only 25 x 25 cm and can thus be used very individually. The more panels linked to form a bigger surface, the more impressive the effect becomes of course.
But where should the panels be used? Everywhere a surface (square, long drawn-out rectangle etc.) needs illumination with strong colors and many variations. As permanent installation in bars, lounges, cafes or clubs, or in front of a DJ booth, for mobile use (wedding DJs etc.) makes perfect sense too.

Press release: Steinigke and Philips conclude patent license agreement

April 28th, 2010 Posted in Press releases Tags: ,

Steinigke Showtechnic joins the Philips’ LED luminaires and retrofit bulbs license program. For a long time both companies have enjoyed a business relationship based on mutual trust. This fresh cooperation paves the way for an innovative future.

With this program Steinigke further expects to benefit from the Philips know-how – especially in the field of LED technology. “Through this step we can guarantee optimal advancement of our LED spots. Philips’ support is outstanding and we can access numerous LED systems and patents”, explains Matthias Schwab, the general manager. “The market will see a long-term domination of LED technology. With the support of Philips we will not only stand our ground on the market, but hopefully strengthen our position. This has been a good start”, Schwab concludes.

For more than a decade, a large part of Steinigke’s illuminants have consisted of Philips products. According to Philips, the licensing program offers access to many LED luminaire-related inventions of Philips to simplify use of LED technologies by third parties.

Press release: Eurolite’s LSD-100 is ‘light tool of the year’

April 1st, 2010 Posted in EUROLITE, Press releases Tags: , ,

The LSD-100 from Eurolite was the winner of the category ‘light tool of the year’ at the PPVMedia Readers’ Awards. The ceremony took place in the course of the Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

Thilo Kramny, managing director of PPV, pointed out, that this prize was an important affirmation for the manufacturers, as it was awarded by the readers – customers in the end. ‘It’s an innovation award which illustrates whether the products go down well with the end users or not’, Kramny explains at the ceremony.

This is why everybody at Eurolite is particularly pleased about the award. It is a confirmation of the product’s concept. After all, the LSD curtains can definitely be called innovative – due to their combination of high flexibility, low weight and brilliant colors. Moreover, they are available in six different pixel pitches (from 100 mm to 20 mm) and in custom-made versions. Via buttons and hook-and-loop fasteners several curtains can easily be connected to form one big surface.

A standard laptop with 1 Gbps network card and the optionally available AIO network control system is everything you need for controlling the curtains. The latter consists of a network interface and the LED Show T9 software. So, the control does not demand a huge effort. A real benefit especially for mobile use. Compatibility to other media software programs, such as MADRIX, is given as well. Moreover, by means of Sending and Receiving card you can operate the curtains via DVI. Quite important when you decide to work with video processors and pictures of live cams.