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Save money with Eurolite LSD ECO versions

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Eurolite LSD ECO curtains

They are still flexible and very versatile; but now they are also considerably cheaper: the LSD curtains in the new ECO version.

What does ECO mean?

Similar to other fields ECO stands for economy. In our case you can save costs explicitly. This is due to the LED used, as they are not as powerful as the ones from the common LSDs. Surely, the result is a lower power consumption, but much more important: less production costs. They are by far not as expensive thus we can offer the ECO LSD curtains substantially   cheaper.Why do we offer ECO versions?

Basically to be able offering a budget alternative. Prices are sensibly cheaper and thus  surely will be attractive. Moreover, numerous applications have shown, that the LEDs used are so bright, that often they are dimmed to not blind the audience.

Compared to the common LSDs, what do I have to do without?

Control and opportunities for demonstrations stay unchanged. You merely have to do without a bit of lighting power. That is why we recommend to hang the ECO curtains especially in  dark venues. In a respective club or lounge the power of the ECO LEDs is definitely enough to create great and bright effects. By the way: the ECO versions also feature IP44 and according to this can be used outdoors.

Are the ECO LSDs available in all sizes and pixel pitches?

Yes! All previous models are now also available as ECO versions, all models with a pixel pitch from 20 mm to 100 mm. Even all customized versions can be equipped with ECO LEDs – this is also true for O-shapes.

Eurolite ECO LSD curtains Eurolite ECO LSD curtains

EUROLITE LSD-20E IP44 (H)2,56m x (B)1,28m – Pixel pitch 20mm

EUROLITE LSD-100E IP44 (H)1.6m x (B)1.6m – Pixel pitch 100mm

EUROLITE LSD-75E IP44 (H)2.4m x (B)1.2m – Pixel pitch 75mm

EUROLITE LSD-50E IP44 (H)2.4m x (B)1.6m – Pixel pitch 50mm

EUROLITE LSD-37.5E IP44 (H)2.4m x (B)1.2m – Pixel pitch 37,5mm

EUROLITE LSD-25E IP44 (H)1.6m x (B)1.2m – Pixel pitch 25mm

Eurolite ECO LSD curtains Eurolite ECO LSD curtains

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