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MADRIX® 3 now available at Steinigke!

August 19th, 2013 Posted in Product news Tags: , ,


At the Prolight+Sound 2013, the company inoage presented their new software MADRIX® 3 – now, after the successfull test stage, it’s available at Steinigke!

MADRIX® 3 is a major breakthrough. The powerful yet easy-to-use LED control software introduces a lot of new features and cutting-edge elements for real 3D applications. Above all, MADRIX® is a unique pixel mapper that provides real-time effects. All visuals can be modified and combined to create new effects live and in a matter of seconds with an unprecedented level of customization.

The third dimension

MADRIX® 3 takes this advantage to the next level: the third dimension. The software includes entirely new technologies that are completely different to the widely-known 3D projections or video mapping (so-called voxel mapping and volumetric pixel rendering, in addition to 2D pixel mapping). MADRIX® 3 controls real 3D matrices that contain LEDs on the surface as well as inside, which results in a genuine, three-dimensional display.

Even more flexible and more individual

The new additions make MADRIX® 3 more versatile than ever. Adding the third dimension drastically expands the already numerous possibilities as well. Especially, the increasingly popular double-sided LED pixel tubes with 360° view angle and vertical mounting benefit from the new feature set. But users can still easily control large or small lighting setups. Spectacular 3D projects are now possible thanks to the user-friendly tools given to designers and users alike.

The MADRIX® 3 user interface holds a remarkable 256 x 256 Storage Places for users to organize and store their lighting visuals (compared to the previous 120). All effects have been enhanced with new options and many new effects have been implemented. The live Previews can now be repositioned, zoomed, rotated, or used in 2D or 3D mode.

For the MADRIX products you can buy at Steinigke, please have a look here.

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